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If you are interested in a truly memorable presentation that is engaging and participative, please call me at 864-292-8700. I can share specific ideas, outline learning points, suggest some specific approaches and reference others you can contact who have experienced the program. I've been presenting sessions since 1978 and using Square Wheels and Lost Dutchman since 1993. Plus we have many other easy to use exercises and teaching tools.

And I can send a customized powerpoint file that would show how I would make the key points to link to your desired session outcomes. But that would best be a phone conversation to get started!

My Square Wheels interactive presentations are always well received and remembered because of the visuals and participative approach to involving and engaging participants. With 90 minutes or more, I can deliver an interactive and targeted session for almost any group with a guarantee of a positive response to the approach and the content. It can be designed to set up specific followup activities for after the session. (These are not "motivational" programs but sessions focused on team building, communications and change.)

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You'll find the materials to be outstanding and involving, flexible and fun. Presentations are easily tailored to your critical organizational themes, using the visuals to anchor key learning points.

And clients find that I cost considerably less and generate a lot higher long-term value than most other big-name speakers, consultants and trainers. People are commonly talking about these materials weeks or months later and using our language of performance in their discussions.


I make my living selling my products, not by speaking. I take gigs when they interest me to travel, like a recent presentation at a facilitators conference in Barbados and a trip to Hong Kong (live it), Shanghai (not been there and seeing old friends) and Seoul (getting a new associate up and running). I do not make a living as a speaker!

Also, I do not take the normal approach of a "motivational speaker" or a typical stand-up trainer, feeling that I have important things to say. I don't believe in being a solution looking for a problem with canned jokes and an oft-practiced delivery of standardized materials.

What I do is deliver interactive presentations that help participants recognize the resources already in the room. I engage, involve and enlist people in a journey, be it a presentation on Square Wheels with a discussion of what Round Wheels already exist and what we can do to generate involvement or a team building game with a focus on behavior and opportunities for change and improvement.

Generally, I try to include a "train the manager" component to most Square Wheels presentations, setting the expectation that participants in the session can use the main Square Wheels tool in a discussion with their people. (While some won't do this, many do.) This provides much more leverage than the average presentation. *

Heck, we sell our stuff to other consultants worldwide, who are constantly giving us feedback and sharing new ideas. And I present to both senior management, front-line supervisors and trainers with an approach that has to be both pragmatic and useful as well as beneficial and impactful.

ALL of the programs are targeted to the desired outcomes. They are all engaging, using our series of cartoons to cause self-reflection and a sense of objectivity and our games to involve people in serious play.

And our team building exercises are used worldwide with great success and high impact. Some, like The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine are reset to locales in China and Japan (we're completing one for Crete) and it has been translated into a variety of languages such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Danish and others.

My background includes a doctorate in behavioral psychology, senior line management experience (Sr. VP Operations for a big retailer), and over 22 years of consulting and training including presentations in 24 countries. Sessions are designed with the idea that people should go out and DO something as a result of attending.

If you need the testimonials, contact me and I can share relevant people to talk to about my presentations.
If you need some of the themes, some are

Scott can present great sessions for less:

The main focus of Performance Management Company is offering our products globally to organizations, trainers and consultants. This generates the majority of our income and therefore, my presentations are done not because I have to do them, but because I love presenting, meeting people and using my materials and ideas -- continually updating them in the process.

Because of the nature of these products and various design factors within them, I can also deliver a very memorable and high impact BIG Group session for a fee that is sometimes a tenth or less than the Big Name Presenters.

Also, you are not dealing with a speakers bureau that is jumping up the price 50% or more. You deal directly with me.

With 300+ Square Wheels illustrations and the ability to customize, the presentation is tailored directly to your people and your organization.

Group size is never an issue. I've delivered interactive Square Wheels presentations for 1000 people on occasion and often for over 500 people. Lost Dutchman's been delivered many times for 200 - 300 and twice for 600!

These are outrageously good presentations, interactive and enjoyable.

Besides all over the United States, I've presented in South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Bahrain, Dubai, Canada and a few other places (click here for biographical information). Lots of references are available, too.

And I'd love to do a few more of these international places!

Contact Scott by email or call 1-864-292-8700

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