Scott Simmerman routinely gets truly superb reactions from his speeches and presentations.

He is commonly the top-rated presenter at most international conferences based on the strength of his messages, the power of the metaphors and illustrations and the effective use of his interactive materials and approach.

Sessions generally range from 90 minutes to a full-day and are always customized for the audience and the subject. They are interactive, engaging and memorable.

See "common presentation mistakes."

He is not a "talking-head motivational speaker" but delivers engaging sessions focused on improving leadership for change and innovation, generating initiative for productivity improvement, and targeted toward getting the involvement of management in leading initiatives.

Lost Dutchman is designed as a half-day interactive session. Participants play the game and then spend a significant amount of time in the debriefing, which can focus on leadership, communications, collaboration or motivation. These sessions are best focused on issues of interdepartmental collaboration and team building. The game is all positive in nature and the participants generally leave with specific ideas and a discussion about what they need to do differently to improve organizational performance.

Scott Simmerman uses cartoon illustrations for organizational developmentSquare Wheels presentations are interactive and engaging. Specific links of real issues and opportunities in the workplace are easily made and most of the sessions are focused on training managers in how to use the materials within their own work forces to improve communications and involvement.

Fees are generally flexible, depending on number of participants, the need for customization, and the amount of travel. Scott would rather travel to Scottsdale in February and Chicago in May than vice versa!!

But his sessions are quite inexpensive when compared to other high-impact and memorable speakers. They are unique and impactful, yet easy for managers to duplicate within their workforce with our simple approach and bombproof toolkits.

Expect to start at about $2500 plus travel expenses as a basic fee.

And we can easily and inexpensively customize materials to include your images and themes as we've done for Michelin, BMW, New Holland, Emerson Electric, American Airlines and others.

Performance Management Company primarily generates its income from selling Square Wheels toolkits and Lost Dutchman games on a global basis rather than developing consulting relationships or selling expensive presentations and paying commissions to speakers bureaus, agents, etc.

We positively believe in teaching others how to improve performance using our simple toolkits and games, rather than simply selling our knowledge. Knowledge we generally offer for free!

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