What is Performance Management Company?Dr. Scott Simmerman does team building and organizational development

Performance Management Company was founded in 1984 by Scott J. Simmerman, Ph.D. and Managing Partner.

Materials are sold to organizations and individuals, worldwide, with some of our products appearing in many different languages. Our focus is on offering a variety of products, services and support for management and organizational development, team building and facilitation.

PMC is dedicated to collaborating with a network of trainers and consultants to help create new ideas and applications for products. We have been working with this business model, designing and selling team building games to clients, since 1993. We are a small company by design, which makes us responsive to customers and associates. We collaborate with consulting firms, license and sell our materials, and collaborate on new product development.

Much of our current activities can be found on our blog - www.PerformanceManagementCompanyBlog.com

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Brief History -

Combining his experience in business consulting and retail management with a doctoral degree in psychology and university teaching, Scott initially created Performance Management as an organizational consulting business back in 1984. Over time, reactions to the unique tools he was developing caused others to want to purchase them -- this became more important and eventually caused a completely new business model. Scott presented his ideas in a paper at a variety of conferences, with the title and focus being, "Working Home, Selling Globally."

The focus of the business changed to designing and selling resources because of a single cartoon we call, "Square Wheels One."

From that beginning, Scott created an interactive series of Square Wheels® and a highly successful process of facilitating involvement and motivation through the use of these illustrations, now numbering more than 300 in all. PMC now sells many complete training packages, programs that include powerpoint illustrations, training and facilitation ideas and even a variety of worksheets.

You can see more about these products at our other website, which overviews all of these products as well as purchasing options (view link) Scott helps companies and consultants do the design work to incorporate his products into unique training and development programs and we sell high impact packages are very reasonable prices. Simple, but powerful and effective. Few people ever forget a presentation that includes his interactive products. And some of our clients have been using our tools for more than 15 years.

Scott's belief in engaging people to enjoy a learning experience so they will more readily retain key points, simultaneously evolved into a deep interest in interactive team building activities. This led to the creation and development of his truly world-class activity, The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. Focused on themes of inter-organizational collaboration, motivation and leadership, it has become one of the leading teambuilding exercises in the world and is used as a component of many leadership development training programs as well as for single large events. It is used by multinational organizations as well as individual consultants and has a global distribution.

www.SquareWheels.com is the training and development website for Performance Management Company where these toolkits and teambuilding games are sold and various exercises and links to other products are shared. Based on specific viewer comments and ratings, it has earned the ranking of being THE top-ranked training website in the world. Products are sold from www.PerformanceManagementCompany.com and his presentation website can be found at www.ScottSimmerman.com

Users of PMC products include a global mix of Fortune 100 companies and multi-national organizations as well as small businesses, schools, universities and independent consultants. Clients are too numerous to mention. He also sells these products to consultant users, who give them broad global exposure.

Scott operates PMC as a home-based business and all products sold and presentations come with a satisfaction guarantee or monies are returned. PMC works enthusiastically with purchasers to support its products, ensuring their success.

Eagle Network is an informal network of consultants who share Scott's basic philosophies and use his products.

Since Scott began sharing Square Wheels®, he's delivered workshops, retreats and seminars in India, Barbados, South Africa, Egypt, England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, The Netherlands, Denmark, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and all around the U.S. and Canada.

He needs your help on visiting Australia, Chile and Brazil! <grin>

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