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The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is for multimedia presentation to any size group (a client delivered a single session for 890 people!) but many users want smaller classroom versions instead of packages for large groups. Thus, we have four different versions of the game available.

All are completely ready to go and include a cd of instructions and presentation materials plus all the accessories you need for delivery, including tabletop toys, laminated forms, game cards, poster maps, etc.

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There are different versions for different needs, all for teams of up to 6 people each:

Dutchman 3 and 4 - for up to 3 or 4 teams - $995 and $1,695 complete -

Dutchman 6 - for up to 6 teams - $2,895 complete (click to go there) -

Professional Edition - $6,995 complete - for unlimited teams (click here to jump to bottom of page)

Note: We fully support everything customer. Reach us by telephone or email and you get as much support as you need to be ready to deliver. We've coached people worldwide on delivery with all levels of experience and will support you! Most of our products are shipped on approval so you can see what you are getting. If you have a particular need for a unique situation or version of the game, we'll happily work with you on its development. Scott is on Skype as "SquareWheelsGuy"

And we can readily customize materials; a version of Dutchman to integrate with the HBDI developmental tools was done in collaboration with Herrmann International, for example. The game has been integrated into a number of different leadership programs for various clients (click here), or redesigned to teach Project Management; The exercise has been certified by the Project Management Institute for continuing education credits.)

Dutchman 3 and 4 are our Small Group Versions, designed for up to 3 and 4 teams of 6 people* respectively and for delivery with LCD projection. You get all the instructions, materials for presentation and debriefing, colored forms, game cards, poster maps and everything else you need to deliver the exercise in its main delivery design. It's designed for repeated delivery and long-term use in a variety of developmental situations. It is only available for a multimedia delivery (computer with LCD projector) and works on Mac and Windows, requiring PowerPoint, a word processing program and Acrobat Reader.

* maximum number of teams and people: 3 and 18 for LD3 -- 4 and 24 for LD4.
One can play with 2 teams of 3 people each, etc.

Dutchman 6 is designed for up to 6 teams of up to 6 people. (click here for details). With this version, you have a much greater flexibility, playing with 6 teams of 3 people each if you want to focus mostly on inter-table collaboration. Playing with larger teams (6 people) is ideal for use with thinking styles or personality inventories.

Apache Junction Dutchman MapThese versions retain most of the dynamics of our Professional Edition of Dutchman. You use PowerPoint and a projection unit to show the instructions, give the weather patterns during play, and stimulate the debriefing discussions.

You print out handouts for the debriefing discussions. Most of the supporting materials are documents saved in Adobe Acrobat. You get an Introduction and Weather Patterns for your presentation, plus a variety of debriefing materials that you can adapt and adjust as needed.

Materials are all reusable so the cost for running the game over and over is really minimal.

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All this plus extensive training support materials. We support what we sell and have the testimonials to prove it.

We have been selling these small group versions since Fall of 2000. And they are excellent! We've gotten plenty of feedback from our network of users to be quite confident that this version is easy to use and powerful to facilitate. (click here for a testimonial on the cd!).

If you like, you can purchase poster maps from us for $4.00 each and use these as game boards.

resource cardsDutchman 3, 4 and Dutchman 6 do not contain all the delivery options of the Professional Edition but retain all the standard features of the game in its most common delivery format. Read about our Diversity Option (pdf file) for example

There is a PowerPoint-based Trainer's Guide and explanation of the delivery and a debriefing supported by the presentation materials.

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The Professional Edition

This is specifically designed for:Very large group doing team event with Lost Dutchman

With the materials contained in The Professional Edition, a program can be delivered for 120+ people with a minimal cost of printing, materials and supplies! The package contains everything you need for delivery, including materials for training support delivery personnel.

Dutchman Pro can be used with any size group* and contains a number of delivery options and paper samples of the forms that can be photo-reproduced (or purchased from us directly). There are both paper masters as well as cd-based materials, sufficient cards for 20+ teams, and on and on. It is everything we've developed, used and found effective based on almost 10 years of use!

* Dutchman has been run with groups from as small as 7 (3 teams) to as large as 890 people. The Professional Edition comes packaged with materials to support 120 people, "right out of the box" with just a little photocopying or color printing off the cd.

There is no limit on the number of participants with the exception of room size.students doing team building

This edition contains both PowerPoint multimedia presentation files and transparency (inkjet or colored film) presentation options. It comes with a support binder containing extensive delivery materials (with options) and masters of handouts and other supplies.

You get 25 Poster Maps, colored envelopes, samples of forms and tabletop accessories, a digital watch with countdown timer, marking pens, calculator, transparency film and other materials that people find informative or useful, including a video of Scott's delivery!

The price of the exercise is $6,995 and materials are very complete! This is a one-time cost. And a common reaction on studying the materials and frameworks that are included is surprise -- people are positively surprised at how much we include and how much flexibility they get from our packaging and delivery options.

Uniquely, there is no required certification or train-the-trainer. Feedback indicates that the packaging is satisfactory for learning the delivery.

And we support what we sell. I will guarantee that you will like what you get, whether it is the simple LD3 or the Pro Edition. Upgrades are also available, should you find you want a larger version. I am confident that I offer the most complete training packages available for the price. And you can ALWAYS count on me to support you in your developmental initiatives whether it was a single rental of our game or an ongoing, multinational training initiative.

Lastly, purchasers of our exercises and materials can also wholesale these products to other consultants or companies. Contact us for details.

Note: We are finalizing ideas for a "virtual" Dutchman simulation using the same game dynamics and instructional design with teams playing from different locations. If this is of interest, please ask me for details.

French and Spanish versions are now available. We can deliver the exercise for you in Japanese and Chinese, German, Romanian and other languages.

For more information about Dutchman, click here to download a 2.6-megabite PowerPoint file that will explain the play of the exercise and more about the purchasing options or here to download a word document and see how we use the exercise in large group situations.


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