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Writings and Materials on Change

Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly - Ideas on Managing and Leading Change

An article and presentation on Square Wheels and Change

Poems on the transformation of caterpillars to butterflies

Making GACK - interactive "hands-on stuff" for your presentations

Other recipes for "Yellow Gooey Sticky Messes" - Kinesthetic learning tools

Some Factoids and Ideas on Caterpillars, Moths and Butterflies, with pictures

Scott's Change Model for individuals and teams

Another transformational metaphor - Sea Squirts!

Some Factoids about Perception and our ability to sense things - Amazing Perceptual Sensitivity Factoids

An articled entitled "Making OD Impact Results" that details the impacts of teams and teamwork on profitability and performance.

Thoughts on High Performing Teams - Scott's article on FLOW (download a pdf file)

An article on X-Teams -- on collaboration and optimization of teamwork (download)

Thoughts on issues of Coaching and its difficulties (download)

Facilitation - Risk Levels and skill requirements -- Facilitation and Whitewater (download)

Article on the issues surrounding Interdepartmental Collaboration with ideas for what to change to help resolve some of the issues. (Done with Russ Linden) (download)

Download a series of pdf pages that show my presentation at the ASHRM Conference in Egypt (February 2008) entitled Nobody Ever Washes a Rental Car - Motivating People and Engaging Ownership for Optimizing Performance (download)

An article from Strategy Magazine about the Origin and Use of Square Wheels

Hot Times at Burger King Team Building! - or "Moron Firewalking"
- Firewalking burns the feet of Burger King participants!

Interview with Scott on Leadership and Square Wheels

Thoughts on dealing with Resistance to Change and Negativism

Managers as Facilitators - a list of reasons, rationale and benefits -

Simple thoughts on facilitation

Some thinking about organizational alignment

Performance Consulting: Thought-provoking perspective on human capital

Power-Up Your Organization - Dis-Un-Empowerment -
-- -- --
An Article on Customer Service Improvement

Funny stuff

Copyright Explained! (Funny) (Serious stuff on copyright HERE)

Moron Empowerment (funny)

Impressive Talking about Team Building that exemplifies conceptualistic innuendo

The Square Wheels Taxonomy of Cognitive Dissonance and Intellectual Creative Synthesis; Theoretical Underpinnings and Conceptual Frameworks - The Rationale

They Can't See The Forest... - A Short Story

The Moose Joke! - Scott's favorite and best closer!

In The Beginning - a humorous tale of upward communications

Working Home, Selling Globally - Scott's philosophy of building a global business. An older but still relevant document on how to build a business that collaborates with others.

Other Quotes and Useful Thoughts - A summary of my Main Presentation Quotes

Coaching Best Practices - A compendium of ideas generated at an ASTD Management Development Forum work session and posted on the TRDEV list

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny - On Successful Implementation

The Cave of Square Wheels - Organizations and Innovation

Victor Pang's Funny Square Wheels Animation

Managing Roadblocks - A Dis-Un-Empowerment Exercise on leading improvement discussions

Using LEGO for Training - Ideas and Exercises - An extensive series of exercises initiated from contributions by the Training and Development List Serve Members (TRDEV) and others that is constantly being updated and expanded.

Traffic Jam - An Experiential Exercise by Roland Diamond Associates

Egg Drop Exercise - An Experiential Exercise by Steve Edwards

Mission / Vision Exercise - A Fast Networking Interactive Exercise

I just wanted to let you know that I used your Mission / Vision exercise for a large group. I did it with about 50 people and it was excellent. Thanks for giving access to such great tools - you really saved my you-know-what!

Hope things are well and I wish you the best for the New Year...

Melanie Burns, Royal Bank Financial Group and Dutchman owner

Tom Terez's funny but serious writings on Missions and Visions

Anagram Icebreaker Activity

Star Wars Icebreaker Activity

The Finger, Arm and Leg Exercise - A Tool for Communications and Change

Some Training Tips - A Compendium

Some ideas on Alignment and Square Wheels

Gene Calvert's Risk Taking Inventories

Chuck Wallace's Thoughts on Learning Organizations

Thiagi's Thinking on Experiential Learning (and its benefits) (10/5/99)

Good Solid Business Quotes

Good Business Statistics

Good Personal Growth Quotes

Scott on his enlightening Bike Challenge -
Scott's bicycle Assault on Mount Mitchell
an article about intrinsic motivation and personal performance

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