We sell our products to make money. And you can sell them too!

We've got a proven re-seller program to make money -- not one of those get rich schemes.

Use our tools in your consulting or training business to generate presentation income. They are excellent for that purpose, as proven by our worldwide network of consultants and trainers who are already doing this.

References on very long-term Lost Dutchman can be found here and here. (Selling the game since 1993 to users worldwide, I will admit that I do not keep asking for new client testimonials and will only note that a lot of people have been using the simulation for more than 10 years.)

We've also been selling our Square Wheels toolkits as training guides since 1993, initially as transparencies in books with paper masters and now in bundles that include powerpoint and pdf files of handouts and instructions. Since Square Wheels is getting to be recognized as a training and development tool and becoming a solid brand name, people find that they can sell workshops designed around these toolkits to clients of all kinds.

You pay once for a set of materials and can use them as often as you like, with only the normal restrictions on copyright and protection of our intellectual property -- we keep all rights to the images, for example. And you can modify them for your own uses if you contact me and we discuss the details -- we are very collaborative.

Jeremy Kidner in Hong Kong, for example, is packaging a Risk Management program using some "Unicycle Square Wheels" with my assistance. We hope to have something for sale soon to our network of users. Similarly with Dr. Johnny Chung in Korea and elsewhere. YOU can work with me on new product development, such as Paul Bryan has done with Dutchman in the area of Project Management.

And LOTS of consultants are using our Lost Dutchman exercise and generating profits from it. Again, you pay a one-time cost and you can use it as much as you want. (We did a survey a while back -- the average ROI in the first year was 700% - !)

And, with most of our products, you can buy them from me at wholesale for RESALE to your clients or for repackaging in your toolkits with your materials (let me know in advance if you might have any questions about potential violations of our intellectual property). Dutchman has been built into 6-day workshops, 2-day programs, etc. And we have a variety of materials translated into different languages for local markets.

Thus, you can use the materials with a client and, once they see them, make a decision to sell them to the client and do some facilitation skills training around them, making some additional profits.

What we do here is make money from the publication of the materials. If you have a foreign territory, you can discuss the possibility of licensing with us for an exclusive partnership. We have many of those kinds of agreements in place.

What you do NOT get are reproduction rights or acquire copyrights or the use of any of the illustrations without our specific permission. But, we will support your efforts to market these products.

Joan and I are trying to run a simple and straighforward business publishing training tools and materials without a massive involvement in accountants, licensing experts, lawyers and all that. The restrictions on use are quite straightforward and mostly without limitation when the materials are used in presentations and workshops.

It couldn't be much simpler...


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