Here is a Team Building Horror Story, © Time Magazine

Big Dog's Whole Life Page (Don Clark) - Excellent!! some interesting stuff about HR and other areas of endeavor; a unique combination of information --

Big Dog's HRD Links -


Thiagi has some outstanding resources and free stuff available on his site at

North American Simulation and Gaming Association -

AAE - Assoc. for Experiential Education

Simulation & Gaming - An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research

Some Simulations, Games and Information - not directly evaluated, some apparently quite expensive, some free:

Using LEGO for Training - Ideas and Exercises - An extensive series of exercises initiated from contributions by the Training and Development List Serve Members (TRDEV) and others that is constantly being updated and expanded.


Traffic Jam - An Experiential Exercise by Roland Diamond Associates

Egg Drop Exercise - An Experiential Exercise by Steve Edwards

The Distribution Game -

The Disaster Response Board Game Simulation -

The Beer Game -



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