Kathryn Freitas featured the following article in Hawaii Training Site. It's author is Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura of SKN and Associates ( skn@solution4u.com ). I would enjoy hearing more opinions on this subject, as I have amassed a large volume of movie clips to use within a variety of training programs, and participants seem to love the clips. Mahalo!

Showing Videos in Your Training? Make Sure You Are Doing it Legally!

By Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura of SKN & Associates The Essential Piece to Your Training Puzzle

Have you ever rented a movie from the local video store and in the midst of watching it thought to yourself, "Wow, this would be a great visual for my training class?" I know I have. I always think of French Kiss for Service Recovery and Dead Poet's Society for Train-the-Trainer sessions. I was just never quite sure how I could get the rights to show it, or how my company could afford to pay for the rights to show the video segments, so I decided to keep presenting without these great clips to reinforce my points. That is, until I learned of the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC).

MPLC was formed in 1987 specifically to support the blossoming home video industry. With the advent of home video, people began showing movies everywhere: daycare centers, oilrigs, fitness centers, hotels, and training sessions. None of these uses were legal according to the copyright laws. The only way to be granted permission to show a home video, outside of the home, prior to 1987 was on a title per title basis.

In 1987, MPLC was formed as an independent licensing service exclusively authorized by major Hollywood motion picture studios and independent producers to grant Umbrella Licenses to businesses, nonprofit groups, and government organizations for the public performance of motion pictures contained within prerecorded home videocassettes and videodiscs.

The MPLC Umbrella License provides organizations with copyright infringement liability protection. As a result, organizations are legally able to show all, or portions, of any MPLC authorized home videocassette or videodisc as long as there is no admission charged for viewing a movie in it's entirety or specific titles advertised for the viewing. However, the Umbrella License does allow trainers to show clips of movies (covered by the license) to illustrate a point in a for-profit training session. The umbrella license does not allow for editing, duplication, or splicing of any home videocassettes or videodiscs (i.e. splicing multiple video clips onto one tape to stream line a presentation). The license period is generally one year and there is a low, annual fee.

There is one exemption to the copyright law and it is called the educational exemption. The educational exemption is a narrowly defined clause that allows full time, nonprofit academic institutions to show movies, for educational purposes only, without receiving permission or purchasing an Umbrella License. This exemption only applies to trainers/lecturers for limited cases (i.e. guest speaking at colleges or universities as part of courses, etc.)

How do you get this Umbrella License?

Easy, just give Hanah Cho a call at 1(800) 462-8855 x3010 or email at hcho@mplc.com. Hanah will provide you with a free quote and she can also sign you up over the phone. If you are currently using home video in your training sessions or want to begin using this medium, make sure to give MPLC a call so that you can be confident you are in compliance with the current copyright laws and are delivering a truly dynamic and contemporary class.

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