Quick Overview!

On this site, you will find a wide variety of tools and resources, all very simple to use. They make it easy to generate interactions and motivation for improvement.

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The Square Wheels materials are straight forward and easy to use, starting with a simple Icebreaker Bundle and including packages on facilitation / engagement and other tools. And we are continually adding other products to the site.

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We find people discover this first illustration works so well that they return to purchase a more of our materials -- our approach to involving and engaging people is straightforward and surprisingly effective.

This website also contains a variety of exercises, articles and frameworks, along with useful training jokes and quotes. Our other website is for purchasing these effective tools.

Our goal is to offer resources and make this site useful to you. So come back and visit once in a while.

Our business is supporting a worldwide network of trainers and consultants with high-impact products.

We have a proven track record of supplying organizations worldwide with simple to use exercises and illustrations. All of our products are sold at a one-time cost and are amazingly flexible in application. We collaborate and assist, generating our income from these high-impact tools.

Hope you find the information of interest. And take your time - there are a LOT of things on the site.

Your comments and suggestions would also be most appreciated.

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