The Process of Using Square Wheels:

Here's what most commonly happens to people when first exposed to Square Wheels:

This might be from a typical participant's perspective (we'll call him Steve), on how Square Wheels influenced his involvement and participation. Generally, we set up groups of 5 or 6 people:

The facilitator shares the Square Wheels One illustration as a visual, saying that it represents "how things work in most organizations." Participants may also be asked to write on a worksheet with the illustration (included in the toolkits and Big Book).

Participants are then asked to generate, within their group, as many ideas as they can about what might be represented by the image.

Steve pauses, unsure of what to do.

Then, someone within his group offers an idea. Other ideas come out and Steve finds himself seeing things he didn’t see before and making new links to other ideas.

Steve adds some thoughts and the others laugh. And as ideas are shared, he begins to recognize there are lots of things in the drawing. He hears conversations among various groups and realizes that they've projected a somewhat different set of beliefs about it than he has.

Steve then begins to link the illustration to the work he does and how things don't always go smoothly. He and and his group bring up other points. He gets ideas about communications and team work. And he realizes that everyone didn't see things the same, that there was a nice diversity of opinion and perspective.

More illustrations follow Square Wheels One, each producing another wave of ideas, thoughts, laughter and discussion. Having fun, the learning process has begun for Steve. His creativity is sparked, ideas flow and awareness grows, setting the stage for change.


Click here to see what Steve and his team have discovered:

Square Wheels One - Interactive -- a place to learn

This is the power of illustrations and metaphors--they generate involvement and stimulate learning. They are memorable and trigger a high level of creativity and lateral thinking.

And it’s so easy!

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