What are Square Wheels? Powerful Communications Tools!

Cartoon for organizational development

"Square Wheels" are a series of illustrations based on the general theme that

After all...
The Round Wheels of today will be the Square Wheels of tomorrow."

Square Wheels are simple yet powerful tools for improving performance. The illustrations are packaged in a variety of formats and bundles and are designed for facilitating small or large groups, from a quick session to a multi-day workshop, depending upon time and needs. Toolkits contain suggestions for presenting the illustrations as well as worksheet / handout pages. Individual illustrations can also be purchased.


Explanation of the Metaphor:

The paradox of most systems and procedures is that we are all so busy pushing and pulling to meet our current goals that it is very difficult to step back and objectively view the situation to discover performance improvement opportunities. It is also a reality that leadership will be somewhat isolated from the support people and that perspectives will differ.

Often, someone would make a point, such as:

"We're not like that; we push our wagon uphill!"


"Those who lead see no need and those who DO have no clue!"


"The Round Wheels are already in the wagon, just like here.

Some of the illustrations have specific themes and messages but most can have a variety of meanings and linkages. We use Square Wheels as a tool for generating action learning, reflective perspective, participative involvement and a sense of ownership. General themes of presentations include:

The proven effectiveness of Square Wheels is simply amazing. They:

The illustrations are powerful yet simple tools for leadership and change because they focus on accepted current business practices and the generation of new ideas for improvement. The illustrations also change the language of continuous improvement. They are inexpensive, easy and straightforward to use, and quite flexible in application with lots of testimonials from users worldwide.

Another interesting factor is that the illustrations have no reality. Square Wheels don't represent, for the most part, any one situation or reality -- they operate much like a Rorschach or Inkblot Test. People will project their own beliefs onto an illustration, thus allowing one to observe some of the organizational thinking patterns and culture from listening to reactions and responses.

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