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"A global network of exceptional consultants and trainers interested in collaboration and excellence in all that we do."

About 10 years ago, we tried to get a consulting network going that would link people together, share ideas and trade / barter training programs in the hopes that more of us could develop more local consulting business.

The high point / low point was coming in second on a bid to deliver customer service training programs for one of the Big Three automakers. The idea was wonderful... Use a network of local consultants who could use desktop publishing plus their own expertise to deliver high-impact dealer training with a very low delivery cost.

Well, Performance Management Company has maintained the trademark on this logo and the concept of a network of consultants. In fact, it fits with how we've been doing business for the past 10 years.

So, an offer you might find interesting.

Since many of the people out there consulting are independent individuals, if you would like to establish a no-cost alliance, have a graphic for your letterhead that makes you part of a larger entity with no downside, simply ask about getting The Eagle. (click here to email me)

You can use it on your website, and we will list Eagle Network associates on our affiliates website page. Heck we might even start one of those rolling membership things that appear on the bottom of the websites that link them together randomly.

The actual Eagle is high res -- if you would like to see a 300 dpi version, click here

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