This 5 meg Powerpoint File contains an overview of the essential details of The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine -- it is designed to give some feel as to the themes, complexity and delivery.

The goal of the exercise is to provide a motivational challenge to players. We provide sufficient but not excessive resources for play and design the exercise so that ALL TEAMS WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, with some more successful than others. The results of all the teams are combined into an overall ROI and teams have ample opportunity to share information and resources.

Key debriefing themes focus on
- leadership,
- motivation,
- collaboration,
- communications and
- systems issues.

These game presentation materials are both to be visually and verbally delivered (to compensate for any visual learning issues). The materials also require little math, and have been proven effective in low literacy workplaces. The exercise works superbly with people from shop floor level to senior management.

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