We are now offering many different versions of the simulation for purchase as well as a rental option for more pricing flexibility.

The Professional Version of Lost Dutchman usable for any number of people from 6 to 600+ sells for $6,995. It's a one time cost and its use is limitless -- thus, the game can easily become a profit center if you are a consultant and are looking to deliver large group retreats. It is an excellent group exercise. The Pro Edition is the complete, updated version with a wide variety of delivery options for your use -- it is continually updated with any of the new ideas we get for use in our own performances. It is designed for powerpoint presentation and comes complete with enough materials to run a session for 120 people right out of the box! You get toys and accessories and 25 poster maps, plus other supporting materials.

Lost Dutchman also comes in three small-group versions, which are ideal for corporate training programs and consultants looking for a simple training activity without all the delivery options. All of the game have very complete instructions and you can contact us freely for additional information. They are packaged complete with all the toys, forms, posters, cards and more -- everything you need to start playing right out of the box!

Dutchman 3 is for up to 3 teams of up to 6 people each. It sells for a one-time cost of $995 and contains all the materials you need for repeated use. Delivery of the game is in PowerPoint. This is complete game packaged on a single cd, with masters for printing all of the forms and materials.

Dutchman 4 is for up to 4 teams of up to 6 people each. It sells at a one-time cost of $1,695. and contains all the materials you need for repeated use. Delivery of the game is in PowerPoint.

Dutchman 6 is for multimedia presentation (but also has a transparency delivery option) and works for up to 6 teams of up to 6 people. This version sells for $2,895. It contains all the materials you need for repeated use. Delivery of the game is in PowerPoint.

Click here to download a powerpoint file describing these games and their prices.

In certain situations, we will ship out partial copies for evaluation purposes. We can also email partial portions of the exercise, such as the training materials. Contact Scott directly for more information by clicking here.

For more information about Dutchman, click here to download a PowerPoint file that will explain the play of the exercise and more about the purchasing options. We have many files we can email you if it would be of benefit. Contact us for details - we have other explanatory files available.

Renting Lost Dutchman - click here for the details

Any way you purchase the exercise, you get our full support via email or telephone.

Bombproof. Scott, you kept saying it was robust and bombproof and my boss and team kept asking me, "Well, what if they ask this?" And you were right. What you predicted would happen during the delivery played out accurately. We had a great balance of competition and collaboration, nobody asked for help, and we left a lot of gold un-mined simply because we did not analyze enough nor share information and resources between the teams. There was a lot to talk about how it impacts our business and we will probably continue to use the game as a metaphor for what we can choose to do differently.

 Rick G., DNV Energy, Houston, TX - a game renter who had no contact with Dutchman prior to this

Additional Materials and Accessories: team cardsThe team building game map

Most people never need additional materials once they have purchased the exercise.
We keep these items available in case of loss or the need for replacement:

A set of multicolored, postcard stock Game Cards (above - enough for at least 10 teams) $100 per set.

Poster Maps (right - 18 x 22 inches) are $4.00 each.

Hats and bandannas can be ordered for $5.00 a set. These are nice straw hats and various colored bandannas. Minimum order is 24. There is also a nice selection of high quality hats available for purchase (click here) from one of our vendors.

If you need to replace any materials, simply contact us!

We sell good straw cowboy hats

The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine has proven itself to be an ideal simulation for trainers needing a low-cost simulation without per-participant costs or costly materials. For $995, purchasers get a complete exercise with all the supporting materials for up to 3 teams. This is the main exercise, the most common delivery format -- LD 6 handles up to 6 teams of 6 people each*.

There is no licensing or costly certification process. We have found over the past 14 years that this is unnecessary for delivery -- any questions can be coached by telephone or Skype. Most people purchase the exercise, read and review the materials, produce the game forms and the like and never even call us for questions!

And there is no annual license fee or per-participant costs once you own it. You pay no fees for the sessions that you run -- it is sold at a one-time cost.

* We sell this game with a restrictive site license that you agree not to run more than 6 teams of 6 people in the exercise. Various other constraints are built in that makes increasing the number of teams difficult (in addition to violating the agreement). Any attempt to alter these materials will be viewed as a violation of our copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.


If your business involves facilitating large retreats or if you desire a great deal of flexibility for your deliveries, the Professional Edition of the exercise is a proven tool and a great profit center.

You can buy the complete Professional Edition of materials for only $6,995! and make a business with it. All you need is an inkjet printer or a color photocopy machine and you are set to go. This edition includes handouts, workbook forms, instructions and delivery materials. We also include samples of optional accessories, a series of cartoons involving Square Wheels, and information about options for play. There is a 2-hour VHS video of creator Scott Simmerman delivering the exercise as a training event. Plus, you can always contact us for support.

You get multiple delivery options designed to customize the features of play to different situations and environments in the Pro Version.

There are no restrictive purchasing contracts limiting your use of the simulation within or outside of your organization.

We can deliver a train-the-trainer session combined with a delivery of the simulation -- including the Professional edition for a fee of $8,995 plus expenses. This is a useful option when you need an executive retreat, if a training department wants to experience the simulation as a group, if you want outside help in facilitation or if you have an opportunity to use the game elsewhere.

Please feel free to contact us for more information to help you make a purchase decision.

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What you get in our Professional Edition:

Some of the stuff you get, plus toys!

Included is a detailed cd that contains a wide variety of Support including delivery instructions in paper format (pdf files) as well as a variety of documents in PowerPoint. There are a number of delivery options for play so that you can tailor the form of the game to your specific developmental needs or client goals. (click here to see how the Pro Edition can support the theme of Diversity as it relates to privilege.)

You also get train-the-trainer materials for any support people you might use for your delivery for the large game deliveries. We call these support people Provisioners and there are special training materials for them to simplify your training. These materials teach what your assistants need to know to "bank" the exercise.

The delivery is designed for multimedia projection (lcd or similar) in PowerPoint format using a PC or Macintosh.

You get extensive materials for debriefing, including Square Wheels illustrations and a variety of worksheets designed specifically for this exercise.

Of course you can get all the support you need from us by calling or emailing. We won't stop giving ideas, advice or coaching until you ask us to stop! And you get access to other users through our "owners-only listserve that we operate on Yahoo Groups.

You will get 25 colored 18 x 22 inch poster maps (you use one for each table so this is enough for 25 teams), Additional copies sell for $4.00 each.

You'll use what we use in delivering the simulation! Unlike some companies who do not share all their tricks (so the company presentations are better than their licensees' presentations), we go the other way and look for innovations from our licensees as ways to enhance all of our programs.

And you can often get free updates of the materials from us as we discover new ways to enhance the deliveries. Just contact us periodically or review the "updates" information on this website periodically.

Note: Many of our purchasers are consultants. We will also wholesale the game to consultants for resale and use by their client organizations. We have manufacturing of the simulation in the US, South Africa and Denmark and can support organizations with a worldwide network of delivery. We have cd-versions of the exercise being developed in Mexico and Canada (a French version).


Contact us by email for more information.

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