If you have an older "Last Chance Gulch" edition of our simulation, consider contacting us about the new stuff. We've been selling the exercise since 1993 and have a lot of older editions from the mid-1990's out there, which we will still support as necessary.

We still have a supply of the Last Chance Gulch versions of the maps and updated to a nice PowerPoint multimedia delivery of this version -- we suggest that you might really like the enhancements we have continued to add (but think you would benefit by purchasing the new Apache Junction Version because of all the enhancements).

We have "postcard-like" colored cards printed on glossy stock and PowerPoint multimedia presentation materials on cd. We've also added laser-printed color forms for the Team Packs, colored envelopes for the Grub Stakes and other various cosmetic improvements to the exercise in addition to some real fundamental changes in delivery.

A set of these new cards, for example, can be purchased for $100.

And we can upgrade your basic kit of materials (the old 3-inch binder, etc.) with our Pro Edition package for our wholesale price of $3,000. You get colored envelopes, colored forms, etc.

Note: If YOU have "improved" our materials or altered things in fundamental or even cosmetic ways, we may have copyright and other intellectual property issues that we should discuss. The laws require us to police and protect our materials and I suggest that you contact us so we do not have any problems.

Contact us for pricing on the other improved items.

The exercise has continued to evolve and we have added a number of delivery options on a fairly continuous basis. If your exercise is more than 4 years old, you might find these enhancements to be of interest.

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