This page is jumping off point for a variety of training initiatives to improve the delivery of the game and support those having questions.

Download a PowerPoint version of "Getting Prepared" for the delivery of of our simulation.

click here to Download

We have an "Optimizing Profit Version" of the exercise available as an add-on toolkit - an accessory to the game. It is referred to as The Assay Office Version and has a long history of use. We call it the "Optimizing Profit Performance Option" and it is available as a simple toolkit, with forms and support information. Read more about this by clicking here. An inexpensive way to add an interesting spin on the issue of inter-team collaboration, with measurable results.

Click here to download a "Single Turbo" version of the Ski Village Video. This has proven useful when the delivery is for a group of people where there is little collaboration as a general rule and you desire to downplay that aspect of the game and increase the discussion of strategic planning and gathering information.

We now have colored cards you can purchase for $100. These represent a nice upgrade from the original materials. Email us if you are interested.

We now have a complete PowerPoint delivery version of the old Last Chance Gulch version of the exercise. This includes instructional materials, Introduction and Weather presentations as well as a complete set of Debriefing materials.

This cd also contains colored masters for the upgraded Video materials as well as masters for making actual plastic video cases suitable for the game -- this includes a colored cover for the case, colored cards for inserting into the case and instructions to glue to the inside. This makes for a much nicer presentation of this informational option.

This is for our OLD version owners. Contact Scott for update information and pricing.

Thanks for your interest and your support! 

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