There are a lot of tools on change sprinkled throughout the 500 or so pages on the website. Someone suggested placing them all (more or less) on one Master Page. So, here are some of the main tools, articles, frames and other stuff for managing and leading change.

Please remember that while I have fun with all this stuff, we also generate income from the sale of my training and team building packages as well as a few presentations. Feedback from presentations is excellent!!

an article and presentation on Square Wheels and Change:

Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly
- Ideas on Managing and Leading Change

Poems on the transformation of caterpillars to butterflies

Making GACK - interactive "hands-on stuff" for your presentations. FUN and memorable glop!

Other recipes for "Yellow Gooey Sticky Messes" - Kinesthetic learning tools

Some Factoids and Ideas on Caterpillars, Moths and Butterflies, with pictures

Scott's Change Model for individuals and teams

Another transformational metaphor - Sea Squirts!

Some Factoids about Perception and our ability to sense things - Amazing Perceptual Sensitivity Factoids

Thoughts on dealing with Resistance to Change and Negativism

Mission / Vision Exercise - A Fast Networking Interactive Exercise

I just wanted to let you know that I used your Mission / Vision exercise for a large group. I did it with about 50 people and it was excellent. Thanks for giving access to such great tools - you really saved my you-know-what!

Hope things are well and I wish you the best for the New Year...

Melanie Burns, Royal Bank Financial Group and Dutchman owner

Tom Terez's funny but serious writings on Missions and Visions

The Finger, Arm and Leg Exercise - A Tool for Communications and Change

Click here for Square Wheels Newsletter One -
Thoughts on Resistance to Change and Negativism

Some thinking about organizational alignment

Power-Up Your Organization - Dis-Un-Empowerment

Managing Roadblocks - A Dis-Un-Empowerment Exercise on leading improvement discussions

Quotes and Useful Thoughts - A summary of my Main Presentation Quotes

Moron Empowerment

This is not totally relevant to themes of change, but it is just so goofy...

Hot Times at Burger King Team Building! - Firewalking burns the feet of Burger King participants!

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