Military Might!

A Special Operations team building exercise designed for delivery in ROTC
and other college and high school military education programs.

If you are looking for a game that will stress the completion of documentation and be a good program for discussions of teamwork and collaboration, and can work with a military model, this is an adult-learning experiential exercise that may work for you. It is focused on strategy, tactics, teamwork and collaboration. Your Special Operations team has to plan and execute a series of missions in enemy territory. You've got plenty of support, but your choices are critical to our overall success.

A team building exercise focused on planning and collaboration

The exercise is supports learning about

Military Might is built on the proven game design of The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and shares many of the same designed learning features. Dutchman has been in international use for 9+ years by a slew of management consultants and organizational development experts. By building on the key features of Dutchman, we insure that the exercise will be powerful in impact and straightforward in delivery and a powerful, positive learning experience for all.

Some level of aggressiveness is rewarded.
Planning is Paramount.
Training is optimizing.
Collaboration is encouraged.
Teamwork is critical to personal and mission success

And teams and teamwork also makes this exercise more fun.

The exercise is also educational. It is anchored in some common themes of collaboration and cooperation that enable leadership to debrief in a number of different ways. It can be linked to strategic planning and communications. From a military educational standpoint, the various pieces of equipment used are described in illustrated detail.

But remember, this is just a game! So, Fun is a primary component.

If you are interested in this program, I suggest you contact me directly to discuss this versus other possibilities. Generally, I am somewhat concerned about the theme of attacking terrorists and some of our other games support many of these same key learning points. It IS a good game, but the theme can be of some concern to people. Plans are to create an Oil Exploration game around the same design, but with a less "Battle The Hostiles" focus.


Well-trained Special Operations forces have been transported to a base in a former Russian Republic. During the Winter, the area was invaded by what appears to be a rebel force, which appears quite well armed and quite prepared. An initial recon team, sent out a week or so ago, gave us some preliminary information before we lost contact and communications.

From the announcement of an unnamed spokesperson for these rebels over a regional radio network, we believe that members of this Recon team may have been captured and are being held at this Base.

Initial information confirms that this force is a para-military force of some type, equipped with heavy weapons, armament, local air support, and the possibility of biological weapons. Local friendlies are unable to assist us because of their lack of resources and training as well as political concerns / exposure. While we have the full support of the legitimate government, we are doing this mission fast and hard as a secret operation.

They have constructed a base in the forest which is shielded from our imaging satellites because of the remote location, the topography, recent cloud cover and the forest itself. Other than our initial recon team, we cannot marshall enough resources to do the reconnaissance we would like. Thus, we are sending out our Special Operations teams to take matters into our own hands. Our goal is to destroy this base, capture personnel and information and force abandonment of this initiative.

The season is Spring. Weather will generally be quite reasonable and not a major factor however, as is common to all such initiatives, there may be some surprises from unexpected enemy and guerilla activity or an unexpected Siberian storm.

The lay of the land is a map shown below. Teams start at Base Camp Alpha, located in the crux of the valley and safely distanced from the enemy camp.

Teams have 20 days to go from our Base Camp to the Enemy Base and return. All teams are self-contained and must carry what they need to accomplish their objectives.

Note: Because so much of this is anchored to proven situational dynamics in Lost Dutchman, this is an outstanding exercise, one that you can delivered professionally and at a very attractive cost! It sells for a one-time cost of $995 and you can purchase this program at

If you would like detailed information about Military Might!, email us and I can send the most recent files. (click here for more information about this team building exercise)

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