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I've been writing newsletters on basic organizational improvement, teamwork, engagement and similar themes for more than 10 years now. We had active groups on Yahoo, where most of these were shared but those are no longer active. We now have a list of subscribers and we post things up in Facebook and LinkedIn and use Twitter and who knows what else in the upcoming months.

We hav gotten great feedback from people about our practicality, and I blog on a lot of things but occasionally do these full-blown newsletters that you can download by clicking on the descriptive icons below. Free, of course.

I left our old newsletters below, since there were good ideas, jokes and information and some things never change.

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Feedback is a critical part of any performance and, in most organizations, the feedback management systems need to be improved to improve and sustain performance. This newsletter focuses on how to design effective performance optimization feedback programs.

Most strategy implementation initiatives fail, based on a review of the research. This newsletter focuses on issues of implementation of strategy initiatives and ideas to better create engagement and alignment for improved success.

Managing (and minimizing) roadblocks is a critical aspect of dis-un-empowerment since it impacts how people perceive the workplace. Working to change perceptions is a powerful tool for involving and engaging people and for individual and group motivation.

Teams and teamwork are the focus of this newsletter, along with a brief overview of Innovate & Implement and our animation, Godzilla Meets Bambi. Teamwork is about improving productivity, increasing engagement and improving profitability.

This newsletter is entitled “Nobody Ever Washes a Rental Car” and is about the issues and opportunities around ownership and involvement. Both relate strongly to productivity and organizational improvement. Included are some factoids and jokes. Plus, the definition of “Catch 22

Collaboration and engagement are critical parts of the process of improving organizational performance and generating results. Included are statistics about issues and opportunities as well as ideas and recommendations.

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Our Old Square Wheels Newsletters on "Tips and Ideas for Facilitation"

Based on numerous requests for updates and other information about these Square Wheels materials, I started a series of newsletters in 2001 to focus on training tips and tools for training and development situations. In these, I answer questions, announced new materials, and made some materials available. You can find a variety of information and resources in the Files section.

I stopped distributing them when the spam bots started dramatically influencing what people actually saw in their in-baskets. With our new opt-in process, they are accessible again so we restarted. But I leave these older ones here as reference material. I no longer give the illustrations away since we were able to developed our very inexpensive toolkit bundles of the illustrations and worksheets.

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Newsletter Archives:

Click here for Newsletter One - Thoughts on Resistance to Change and Negativism

Click here for Newsletter Two - Learning Organizations and Learning Disabilities, The Zen of Square Wheels, Simple Tools for Training and Development! (and other stuff)

Click here for Newsletter Three - Teamwork and Coaching, Suggestion System, Teaching the Cat to bark like a Dog, Bosses and Coaches (and other stuff)

Click here for Newsletter Four - Conflict, Mosquitoes and Mud and all that stuff.

Click here for Newsletter Five - Politics and Bureaucracy

Click here for Newsletter Six - On Collaboration and PMC

Click here for Newsletter Seven - On Managing and Leading Change

Click here for Newsletter Eight - Managing and Leading Change - Implementation

Click here for Newsletter Nine - On Motivating And Sustaining In The Workplace

Click here for Newsletter Ten - On IMPLEMENTATION

Click here for Newsletter Eleven - Thoughts on Performance and Mentoring

 Click here for Newsletter Twelve - Thoughts Team Building and Square Wheels

 Click here for Newsletter Thirteen - Thoughts on Creativity, Facilitation, PowerPoint, Transparencies and all that stuff...

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