The BoatSeven Seas Quest is a team building simulation that makes a great followup to Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine or as a standalone program on its own. It is ideal for demonstrating the critical need for systems and processes to effectively manage information and collaboration. It is fast, high energy, fun and really accessorizable.

Quest was created by Mike Robinson of Triad Training and has been continuously refined (since 1998) in collaboration with Scott Simmerman to improve delivery materials and enhance debriefing. Mike's goal was to develop a simulation that would effectively link to a variety of frameworks for leadership development and team building and that would be both fun and impactful. It is a less expensive game somewhat similar to Dutchman, suitable for small groups as well as large ones. We have delivered this game, as packaged, for groups as large as 300. We have also repeatedly run this exercise as a followup to Dutchman with great results.

The challenge: Ships from Europe with sufficient resources to get to the 2 South Seas Islands. Each ship is to journey search of the ingredients to make medicine with which to stop the massive plague just starting. The journey of 18 months is long and difficult, but if teams manage their resources properly, they can return to a joyous reception by their countrymen and a celebration of the World!

Team members have specific roles and instructions and teams have to make decisions about what to take and in what quantity, which direction to take, how long to spend in the various locations and who to ask for information. Teams are encouraged to maximize their results. And although teams can be successful on their own, collaboration between teams is rewarded.

We also provide suggestions for accessories to add color and interest - these are generally quite inexpensive and often reusable. You can use shells, compasses, hats, pinwheels (for the typhoons!), leis, candy, colored paper pineapples, and all sorts of other "Island" themed party accessories including music. Leaving from Europe, you can accessorize with Flags from the various countries and even have teams "speak'in feren" as we sometimes say here in South Carolina.

But the challenges are in communications, planning, goal setting, resource management and collaboration between teams.

Seven Seas Quest can be played repeatedly and can be delivered in sessions as large as 48 people (8 teams of 6 people). Team size can be as small as 4 people and as few as two teams can play. The game is packaged for multimedia delivery using PowerPoint (or by printing color transparencies). You get a cd with all the training materials, colored game forms, individual roles, maps and charts, and all the materials needed to produce your game. You also get the sister exercise, Buccaneer!

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So, what is Buccaneer?

A fun team building exerciseWhen we first started packaging this exercise, it had the theme of saving the world but it also used a Pirate theme that we thought might be somewhat inappropriate with certain audiences. So, we altered it somewhat to focus on saving the world. We also thought that Seven was a good number for our debriefing, we could have 7 this or 7 that or link to some of the then popular "seven" themes.

Well, shortly thereafter, Jeff Taylor (a long term user of Dutchman and a good pal of Scott's) called needing a Pirate game to match with a particular theme. So, I reframed Quest into what Mike Robinson formerly called it, Buccaneer.

In this team building exercise, all the teams leave from England to go to the Islands to take back the gold (and jewels) that the Pirates had stolen from The Queen. It is essentially the same exercise dynamics and structure, only in the Buccaneer version, team members can make Pirate Hats and can dress up LIKE Pirates to impersonate them while on the Islands. This more aggressive theme makes for a LOT of fun but doesn't detract from the play...

And there all sorts of eye patches, plastic swords, garb, and all. Heck, we even include instructions for making the folded paper Pirate Hats like we did when we were kids. Good fun, but some real learning too.

In my experience, Quest / Buccaneer is a better exercise to use if you are working on program implementation, such as the rejuvenation of a quality improvement program or one where systems and processes are a main focus. The simplicity of the exercise belies its elegance -- it makes many aspects of the debriefing clearer than in many other simulations of this type.

What you get with the purchase of either team building game is BOTH exercises, Quest and Buccaneer are packaged on the same disk, with many of the parts of the exercise fully interchangable. These are similar, but different exercises (two for one)! You can choose to "Save the World" or to "Steal Back the Gold," depending on your desired outcomes.

Both exercises come with EXTENSIVE debriefing materials and complete instructions.

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Facilitation is straightforward and ample training materials and explanations for set-up are included.

And like all Performance Management Company products, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Scott can also deliver this for you!

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