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Square Wheels Testimonials

We are called in to build Boards and improve senior management teams of Fortune 50 and much smaller companies in Europe and the US. Independent of their hierarchical level, culture, industry, or size our clients always appreciate the refreshingly different and productive tools from Performance Management Company.

Thanks for making our job easier.

Marjan Bolmeijer

"From now on, I will take my Square Wheels book with me everywhere! I am in Tokyo, and I have an opportunity to do an additional half-day session tomorrow on Continuous Improvement....and all I have with me is Square Wheels One....damn. Wish I had the Continuous Continuous Improvement book here."

I hope all is well with you all

Mike Robinson, Corning
(I did email him some .pdf files of my Asian characters pushing and pulling their wagons! )

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Lost Dutchman Testimonials

I did a Dutchman last week for 13 people it went great. By Day 15 it looked like all 3 teams would need to be rescued, to "Beacon" home. I kept encouraging them to talk to each other. By Day 17, they asked for a time out and after lots of talking, worked it out. What had been a very competitive group began to work together and they all got back. This was really cool. Being a natural work team -- telephone customer service -- it just lead to a great debrief. I love this game. Thanks again for contributing to our success.

Jeff Taylor
RCTaylor & Associates
(610) 399-8100 ext. 13 -

Hi Scott!

Well I ran my first one today! YEEEHAHHH!!! I had 12 people whom we split
into 3 teams of 4. Let me compliment you on a great game! The timings were
perfect, the debrief was awesome, and everyone was happy! They may even ask
me back to run it for their Senior Managers they were so impressed!

Eugene Zanozin, Australia


Last Monday's presentation at Anson High School was a real success. Your message was extremely well received, and the Dutchman Game really hit home to our faculty as they zeroed in on the importance of teamwork and the mechanics of change. And what fun they had in the process! The "game" was such a wonderful technique for developing the collegiality of our staff as well as their understanding of the benefits of effective teaming. The principles of productivity which you shared were so much more effective through their application in the game. Our staff are still talking about the game now and the challenge of mining for gold. We will continue to develop the real "gold" of our organization, our people and their capabilities, throughout the year; and we will continue to use the principles of productivity that you shared with us.

Thank you for giving our second year of comprehensive reform such a great start. You were just what our people needed to build on their continuous improvement journey. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Gail Preslar, CSR Project Advisor
Anson High School - Anson County Schools
Wadesboro, NC

Hi Scott,


I facilitated Lost Dutchman for 12 people a week ago and they loved it! So much so that they want me to facilitate two more groups of 18 each.

Things went well because you had very detailed, thorough information on the CD. I read through the key things a few times until I understood the play and facilitating the debrief.

Terrific stuff!

Tony Barrile (

Hi Scott --

This morning I had a call from Doug with Fisheries & Oceans Canada who said he had been in touch with you about the "Dutchman." So thanks for the referral!

We discussed the possibility of working with his group in October. This past spring I left my position with the government training centre and am now creating a business on my own as a private consultant in "leadership and learning".

While I was with The Learning Centre I used the Dutchman several times --- and square wheels many, many times. -- And found both had a certain "magic" in connecting with folks.

I also noticed that you are developing some approaches to combine with personality testing -- one of our successes with Dutchman was in combination with MBTI -- it gave the folks a lot of information and fun in a day.

For now -- just wanted to say "Thanks"! And keep up the great creativity!

Elizabeth Grimmett
(E.J. Grimmett & Associates)

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