Quotes, Jokes And Other Funnies (a couple of screens worth)

My compendium of Jokes, quotes and One-Liners are NOT censored so "pardon me" as required! (click here)

Quotes, Jokes and Useful Thoughts - some of Scott's standard presentation quotes

Want an example of a Really BAD Team Building Exercise?

Some Great Illustrated Quotes

MBTI-Type Prayers (Very Funny!!)

Scott's Moose Joke - My very most favorite closing story

Copyright Explained!

Moron Empowerment

Great Trainer Jokes and Funnies

Newer Great Trainers Jokes

Trainer Jokes and Factoids

More Clean Training Jokes

Even More New Jokes

Joke Compendia







Newer Jokes

Classic -- Abbott and Costello and "Who's on First"

Men and Women Jokes

Some Body Painting Pictures (some more risque than others)

Impressive Talking about Team Building that exemplifies conceptualistic innuendo

HOW TO WRITE GOOD - A Article of Ideas

Important Warning on The Gullibility Virus!!

Jokes and Urban Legends

Stories of Life

A 60-page set of Jokes

Even MORE Jokes

Computer Jokes


Neat Factoids and other nearly useless information. (You won't believe some of this!!)

Silly Factoids

More Silly Factoids

Dog and Cat Jokes

Some Optical Illusions - Neat!

Meat - an interesting and thought-provoking piece

If you liked Meat, you will love LAWNS and BRUTAL TOYS

The Onion - a Most Amazing and Humorous Publication - www.theonion.com

Click here for an example of Onion Humor! - Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia!!


callahan cartoonCallahan - An absolute HOOT!!!

Good Clean Funnies Page - http://www.gcfl.net

Jokes by subscription: Funny Town UpdateMail www.funnytown.com/

Commercial, Syndicated Cartoons- www.cagle.com/prolinks/library/syndTITLE.asp

Santa Jokes and Stuff

April Fools Training Tips by Loretta Weiss

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