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Newsletters -- We have justs begun a new series of newsletters in 2010. Most of them will focus on themes of team building, engagement, productivity improvement and the theme of involving and engaging people. Find them on our main website by clicking the icon at left.

Some will be about using our Square Wheels concepts and team building games.
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My current thoughts are found on our blog at

Writings and Articles -- There is a VERY extensive collection of articles here, also including exercises and games, surveys, Gack recipes, song lyrics and other support stuff that I have developed over the years. Many of these involve themes of teams and teamwork or use of metaphors and particularly our Square Wheels concepts. Below are a few main ones:

Profitability and the Connection to Interdepartmental Collaboration - The Vital Links -- My newest article, focused on the theme of inter-organizational alliances and collaboration between naturally competing workgroups as a means of impacting profitability and improving innovation. Competition is a motivating factor in most organizations and is a good energizer until the competition begins to sub-optimize performance. Similarly, teamwork within an organization is good, until it slows or stops collaboration between different teams. We also know that most individuals and most teams do not take advantage of the support that already exists in organizations. (June, 2009)

Interdepartmental Collaboration -- Is this an oxymoron? Or, are there ways to improve collaboration between departments and between organizations that might appear to be competing. A fact-based article with a focus on government work , with applications to all organizations. An article on the issues surrounding Interdepartmental Collaboration with ideas for what to change to help resolve some of the issues. (Done with Russ Linden) (download)

An articled entitled "Making OD Impact Results" that details the impacts of teams and teamwork on profitability and performance.

Thoughts on High Performing Teams - Scott's article on FLOW -- Managing high energy for high performance is discussed. This article associates Csikszentmihalyi's ideas about high performance and links the issues of challenge level to skill level as it relates to team performance. (April, 2009) (download a pdf file)

An article on X-Teams -- on teamwork, collaboration and optimization of performance (download) - The theme of using externally-focused workplace teams on improving cross-functional impact within their organizations and how that links to our Lost Dutchman team building activity. The focus is on collaboration and managing diverse teams in a common endeavor. Contains information on Lenconi's work along with the writings of Ancona and Bresman.

My Best Work:

Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly - Ideas on Managing and Leading Change -- My thoughts on Square Wheels as a tool for actively engaging individuals and work teams. This article contains the main points of my presentations on change and is the basis for our Managing and Leading Change Square Wheels toolkit ( click here for more information from our website ) ( click here to download the article ) (A4 version)

Coaching and managing its difficulties (download) - An article using the metaphor of navigating white water rapids as applied to coaching for improved performance. (April, 2009)

Facilitation - Risk Levels and Skill Requirements -- An article about differentiating levels of Facilitation and related situational difficulties put into a running rapids metaphor. Useful for thinking about workplace improvement and working with groups or individuals in a facilitation situation (download) (April, 2009)

Download a series of pdf pages that show my presentation at the ASHRM Conference in Egypt (February 2008) entitled Nobody Ever Washes a Rental Car - Motivating People and Engaging Ownership for Optimizing Performance (download)

An article from Strategy Magazine about the Origin and Use of Square Wheels

Interview with Scott on Leadership and Square Wheels

Scott's Change Model for individuals and teams

Thoughts on dealing with Resistance to Change and Negativism

Managers as Facilitators - a list of reasons, rationale and benefits

Some thinking about organizational alignment

Simple thoughts on Facilitation

17 Pointers for Managing Virtual Teams by Kevin McMahan

Performance Consulting: Thought-provoking perspective on human capital

Power-Up Your Organization - Dis-Un-Empowerment

Managing Roadblocks - A Dis-Un-Empowerment Exercise on leading improvement discussions

Working Home, Selling Globally - Personal philosophy of building a global business.
From presentations at ASTD and other conferences

Quotes and Useful Thoughts - A summary of my Main Presentation Quotes

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny - On Successful Implementation

The Cave of Square Wheels - Organizations and Innovation

Serious Information about Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyright Explained! (A Funny!) (Serious stuff on copyright HERE)

Moron Empowerment

Impressive Talking about Team Building that exemplifies conceptualistic innuendo

The Square Wheels Taxonomy of Cognitive Dissonance and Intellectual Creative Synthesis; Theoretical Underpinnings and Conceptual Frameworks - The Rationale

The Mosquito Metaphor - A Square Wheels process to deal with annoying workplace behavior

They Can't See The Forest... - A Short Story

The Moose Joke! - Scott's favorite and best closer!

In The Beginning - a humorous tale of upward communications

Hot Times at Burger King Team Building! - Firewalking burns the feet of Burger King participants!
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Resources for Team Building

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Information on Performances using Music - by Laurie Hughes of ASCAP

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Information on Copyright and Protecting Your Business

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