These pages are about tools and toolkits for Organizational Development. Some would call them my "Competitors." I do not. My view is that there are lots of tools that are needed and that do different things and these are simply other ones.

(If you have NOT yet purchased a team building simulation, compare any of these to ours on issues of price and cost.
We remain totally convinced that Lost Dutchman is the best total value exercise in the marketplace.)

If you are on this page, you will find NASAGA to be of interest. It is the North American Simulation and Gaming Association. They have a free listserve and a great annual conference. I have served on the board and have attended past conferences as well as presented. It is a wonderful group.

Find them at

Note: This page undergoes continuous continuous improvement. Other links and connections would be appreciated. Plus any testimonials, comments or annotations on these products and services would be of value and can be added to the link.

Wouldn't it be great if more vendors showed their pricing??
Ask them to post their prices so that you can get information more easily!

The Egg Drop Auction - a great exercise contributed by Steve Edwards

(Scott really likes this one!!)

Using LEGO for Training - Ideas and Exercises - This is a series of exercises compiled from contributions by the Training and Development List Serve Members (TRDEV) and other people over the past 5 years.


Traffic Jam - An Experiential Exercise by Roland Diamond Associates

Corporate Raiders - An Experiential Exercise by Darin Ulmer

Stupidly Simple "Balloon Thinker" Exercise


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